Weaver Green Rugs made from recycled plastic

Weaver Green Rugs made from recycled plastic

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Note from Annie!: These rugs really are amazing1  Fully washable (must have washed mine around 50 times (once a fortnight)  in the last 2 years and still good as new!  . 

These recycled plastic rugs are soft under foot,  easy to clean, stain-resistant and extremely hard-wearing. They are also moth resistant and completely uninteresting to dust mites and other critters, making them perfect in homes with pets and allergy sufferers.

From kitchens to bathrooms, hallways to gardens, the water-resistant nature of the rugs means they work just as well outdoors on terraces and in summer houses as they do inside; they even make great camping rugs and add a layer of comfort in a tent or yurt.